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Hot dip galvanizing in production practice, how to achieve the rectification of sunken roll in zinc pot?

- Dec 17, 2018 -

Hot dip galvanizing in production practice, how to achieve the rectification of sunken roll in zinc pot?

In practice, the convexity of the submerged roll can be used to correct the belt deviation automatically.However, when the shape of the plate is poor (such as serious wave shape, etc.), it may cause the deviation correction ability of the sunken roll is not enough. At this time, manual force must be used to make the strip back to the center line.What is the function of the stabilizer roll?

(1) restrain the swing of the strip steel, so that the strip steel smoothly passes through the air knife and zinc flower controller, vertical cooling equipment, so as to avoid contact with them, scratches on the surface of the coating.

(2) due to the sunken roll has a certain degree of convexity, the strip will produce a certain degree of buckling after passing through, and the stable roll plays the role of flat strip steel, which is very beneficial to obtain uniform coating.

What are the transmission modes of the stable roll?

And compare them.Stable roll rotation has passive and active two kinds.The comparison is as follows:

Passive form of stability roll: because the diameter of the stability roll is small, and with a small Angle of wrap between the strip, so the friction force imposed by the strip is small, often resulting in a stable roll stop.

Active form of stable roll: can overcome the above factors, so in the latest design of hot dip galvanized unit, are equipped with the main transmission system, in order to make the stable roll rotation smooth, often in the stable roll at both ends of the installation of a motor with the same power, one end active, the other end plays a brake role.R can also be adjusted in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Maintenance of sink A and stabilizer roll?

(1) zinc adhesion often occurs on the surface of sunken and stable rollers. During production, the zinc adhesion must be broken according to the regular indentation spacing on the surface of the strip, whether it is caused by sunken or stable rollers, and then the corresponding position of the despotic slag scraper roller is used to remove the zinc adhesion.

(2) in the process of production, especially in the production of thin specifications, it is often necessary to use tools to test whether a sunken roll is in operation. If the sunken roll stops running, the sunken roll will be worn out of alignment or scratch the strip steel after a long time, and then corresponding measures should be taken to make it in a rotating state.

(3) it is better to coat the surface of sunk roll and stable roll with ZnCl2 aqueous solution, and then load it into the zinc pot after drying. This can promote the formation of fe-zn alloy layer on the roll surface as soon as possible, which is beneficial to improving product quality. In addition, it can reduce the zinc liquid by coating the frame part immersed in zinc liquid with sodium glass (Na2Si03)