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Hot dip galvanized​ roll diameter size and production and how to help?

- Dec 15, 2018 -

Hot dip galvanized roll diameter size and production and how to help?

Due to sink roll drive transmission, not completely on the friction between the strip and drive, so the sink roll diameter, the greater the strip and the roll Angle is large, the greater the friction, thus produced the roll is not easy to die, which can overcome the defects sink roller embossing, so roller diameter are the sinking of the modernization in the continuous galvanizing line in 500 ~ 700 mm.

What are the reasons why the sunk roll stops?

What measures have been taken to overcome this?In the production process, if it is found that the sunk roll stops running, the main reason is that the tension between the 2# and 3# tension rollers is not enough.The main measures to overcome the factors of sunk roll stop should be divided into different situations.

(1) if thick strip steel is produced, the tension between rolls no. 2 and no. 3 should be increased in time.

(2) if the production of thin strip steel, if the tension is constantly increased, the furnace may break the belt, at this time, the following measures can be taken:

A. first, reduce the temperature of preheating furnace and reducing furnace appropriately, and then try to ensure enough tension.

B. It can reduce the speed of the unit and help to maintain the running state of sunken roll.

What is the principle that USES sunken roll to rectify deviation of strip steel?

Due to sink roll has certain crown, is applied to sink roll radius of curvature on the direction of strip tension, can respectively, two component, perpendicular to the vertical downward force and guide on the curve tangent component, when the strip on either side to run partial (namely strip off surface midperpendicular), the center line on both sides of the friction force is not equal to zero, and the direction of the fixed component is always point to the centerline, thus can offset strip running deviation caused by friction, make the strip back to center position, and have the effect of rectification.