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What are the main equipment in hot dip galvanized zinc pot?

- Dec 15, 2018 -

What are the main equipment in hot dip galvanized zinc pot?

The main equipment in the zinc pot includes sinking roller, stabilizing roller, air knife and their adjusting device.

What is the structure of the sink roll assembly?

The sinking roll device consists of three parts: the sinking roll immersed in zinc liquid, the regulating system above the liquid level and the cross-frame welding structure.Sinking roller suspension in 2 made of low carbon steel suspension arm bottom half bearing shell, and cantilever with bolt through the center of the worm screw shaft connected to adjust when can start the motor, the worm gear lever driven screw up and down, then sink roll which can adjust the vertical and 5 day can start on both sides of the motor at the same time, the sink roll levels rise and fall, also can start on one side of the motor alone, will be one end of the sink roll up and down.Sunken roll is a larger diameter (in 500~700mm), the surface has a certain degree of convexity and processing grooved hollow roll, sunken roll without belt drive, but completely driven by the friction force between the strip steel and the surface of the roll.

What is the function of the sink roll?

(1) it plays a steering role to make the strip steel vertical upward after galvanizing to avoid scratches caused by contact with foreign matters before solidification of molten zinc.

(2) the sunken roll can rectify the deviation of the strip steel in the pot by using its own convexity.