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Hot dip galvanized induction zinc pot what are the matters needing attention?

- Dec 13, 2018 -

Hot dip galvanized induction zinc pot what are the matters needing attention?

Under normal circumstances, the sensor can be used 5 ~ 8 years, the sensor should always keep the two spare parts, put in right period, sensor fusion of ditches should use 500 w of ohmic heating, keep the sensors at around 50 ℃, in order to prevent pounding material suction and destruction.Sensor coil on the job, its temperature not over 70 ℃, so fan cooling must be adopted, and for safety reasons, the fan must have for Taiwan, a job, a backup.

(1) in case of power outage, shall be immediately disconnect main power supply, power supply through accident, make the zinc pot in repairing the temperature condition, if do not have accident power, should put the zinc pot, heat with gas burning nozzle surface of zinc pot, in order to prolong the clotting time of liquid zinc, if power failure more than 30 minutes, liquid zinc was solidified in the weld groove, first so, must quickly in every welding groove insert 30 xA 6000 mm iron bars (six), so that when the rev sensor again through secondary current, if power failure more than 6 hours, should put the zinc in zinc pump fluid extract zinc pot or insulation or molten zinc ingot, the zinc liquid level 30 mm below throat so far and inserted into the iron rod in the weld groove, again USES the gas to heat insulation to keep the pot of molten zinc certain fluidity, start again, should first USES the low power, after waiting for the zinc melting weld groove using high power

(2) sensors in the workplace, Fe - zinc alloy deposit on the weld groove, and cause the weld groove area of narrow, resistance increases, the phenomenon, but by the power factor in the cosine value, when melting trench plug, co in the negative to the negative direction must be increase, then to clear in time weld groove, the Fe - zinc alloy cleared, when melting trench plug, cos the value increase, melting trench wall thinning, shall promptly replace the sensor.