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What is the advantage of using induction zinc pot in galvanized wire?

- Dec 12, 2018 -

What is the advantage of using induction zinc pot in galvanized line?

(1) due to the circulation and movement of zinc solution, small particles of iron and zinc alloy suspended in zinc solution can react fully with aluminum in zinc solution to generate FeAls, which float on the surface of zinc solution to remove surface slag and thus eliminate bottom slag.

(2) as the circulating movement of zinc liquid, the temperature of zinc liquid in the zinc pot can be more uniform.

(3) zinc pot has a high thermal efficiency, generally 80%.

(4) zinc pot has a long life.

What are the methods of starting the induction zinc pot?

(1) take 100 tons of liquid zinc from the other zinc pot and directly add it into the induction zinc pot. In this way, the induction zinc pot can be directly energized and started.

(2) fill the induction zinc pot with solid zinc ingots, directly heat the zinc ingots with gas flame, until the zinc ingots melt, so that the zinc solution is filled with the sensor melting ditch, can be energized to start the sensor.

(3) in zinc pot with 20 kg heavy small zinc ingot to 50 mm below throat area, using steel plate the zinc pot, heat directly with four burn tsui 12 days, the temperature rises to 400 ℃, add two burning nozzle heating inductor melt groove of up to six burning nozzle heating again after two days, make the sensor fusion groove temperature up to 460 ℃, then through a 300 mm wide channel steel melt in advance has good melt trenches, zinc liquid injection sensors to weld groove and throat filled with liquid zinc, can live, make the sensor Into work, and then through the channel steel continuously to sensor throat into small zinc ingot, small zinc ingot end connected to the sensor sliding, because of the small zinc ingot melting, the excess liquid zinc and zinc from sensors to spill into the pot, the first day of the transmission should be given the maximum capacity of 1/6, the second day of the 1/3 of the total capacity, on the third day is two-thirds of the total capacity, zinc liquid level can be more than throat on the third day, it can be to add zinc ingots, zinc pot for zinc liquid level 6 mm, throat, clean the table on the surface of the zinc pot slag, then quickly join big zinc ingot, the surge in zinc liquid level 12 mm, flooded the furnace nose,(this can avoid dirt into the nose), continue to add large zinc ingots to make the zinc level above the bottom of the nose 150~300mm, can make the galvanized line into production.