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What measures can be taken to extend the service life of the iron - made zinc pot?

- Dec 10, 2018 -

What measures can be taken to extend the service life of the iron - made zinc pot?

(1) use carbon <0.005%, containing Si<0.02% of low carbon steel or industrial pure iron to manufacture zinc pot.

(2) zinc liquid temperature control under 480 ℃.

(3) zinc pot temperature stable as far as possible, its range is less than the best plus or minus 10 ℃ (465 + 10 ℃).

(4) to improve the heating method, it is better to use heavy oil, gas, electric furnace to replace the burning of coal stove, in order to heat the four walls of the zinc pot, prohibit heating the bottom of the pot.


(5) as the zinc pot keeps continuous operation, the number of stops and starts of the zinc pot should be reduced as far as possible.Because iron makes zinc-pot constant open furnace, stop furnace, can make boiler body itself produces heat to expand ceaselessly, shrink ceaselessly, be out of shape and produce internal stress, and bring about the craze of boiler wall.

(6) paint the inner wall of the zinc pot:

A. coated with water glass (NazSi03)

B. alternately apply NasSio and stone abrasive, with a total thickness of 1.5mm~2.0mm, and slowly dry before use.

C. The inner wall of the pot shall be adhered with a layer of 50mm thick stone grinding brick.

D. 94% quartz sand and 6% sodium fluorosilanol are used. The coating thickness is 1.0~1.5mm and mixed with water glass.

E. Aluminum silicate powder (AL2 (Si0s) is used to mix with sodium silicate glass. The coating thickness is 1-2mm.

F. The inner wall of the pot is coated with a layer of tungsten-molybdenum alloy.

G. Mix silicon carbide powder with water glass, then daub the inner wall of the pot, and use it after drying.

H. A layer of industrial enamel is fired on the inner wall of the pot.


(7) several zinc POTS shall be used alternately, and the zinc pot shall be replaced and inspected regularly to repair the damaged parts.

(8) facilities shall be provided to measure the temperature of zinc solution.