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What is the significance of strip tension in continuous hot dip galvanizing unit?

- Dec 08, 2018 -

What is the significance of strip tension in continuous hot dip galvanizing unit?

In the modern continuous galvanizing unit, the significance of strip tension is shown as follows:

(1) enable the strip to run in alignment;

(2) to some extent, the flatness and shape of the steel plate can be improved;

(3) between the sunken roll of the process section and the first steering roll of the cooling tower, the strip steel can run stably and obtain a uniform coating;

(4) the tension of the outlet section can make the strip tighten and take off the wrong side when necessary.

How does tension arise?

In general, in the continuous galvanized steel strip unit, the tension of the strip in each section is caused by the speed difference between the two adjacent tension rollers.

What is the advantage of using iron to make zinc pot in senkimmel process?What are its disadvantages?


In the process of hot galvanizing by sengiemil process, the temperature of the strip entering the zinc pot is higher than that of the liquid zinc.

Therefore, in normal production, generally do not need to heat iron zinc pot, but only in the production of molten zinc, or stop production heat preservation and production of 0.5mm less than the thin strip steel, steel plate into the zinc fluid heat cannot

To compensate for the heat dissipation of the zinc pot itself, the zinc pot needs to be heated.,


The use of iron zinc pot bottom slag more, if the production of dregs, will affect the rate of operation, if the production of dregs, and affect the surface quality of steel plate, this is the biggest disadvantage of iron zinc pot.