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What should I pay attention to when wearing galvanized tape?

- Dec 06, 2018 -

What should I pay attention to when wearing galvanized tape?

(1) the belt guide must be selected reasonably: generally speaking, the strip steel with broken belt in the furnace is generally of relatively thin thickness. If the thin strip is used for belt wearing, it is easy to be burned off in the furnace. Therefore, the appropriate thickness of the strip must be selected for belt wearing (generally 0.6~0.8mm).(2) cut the head of the guide belt into a certain shape with iron shears, and then riveted it with a triangular ring with a 2-3m long chain.

(3) use a crane to lift the threading needle to the raceway at the inlet of the preheating furnace, and move it to the Central Line of the furnace, and then push it into the furnace.

(4) riveting and fixing the chain and the end of the piercing needle.

(5) the bottom roller of the furnace starts to operate, and the speed of belt passing is determined according to the characteristics of the unit.

(6) in order to run the strip in alignment, the strip must always collapse and tighten the needle.The method is from the furnace inlet to the tail, and the bottom roller runs at an increasing speed.

(7) it shall always ensure the operation of needle piercing traction strip steel in alignment.If the strip is found to be off track, manually pull the strip until the needle is inserted back to the center line of the unit.Then let the needle continue to run.

(8) after the needle piercing starts to operate, the entrance staff must closely watch the operation of the needle piercing from the inlet of the preheating furnace and the peeping hole of the furnace, and correct the deviation immediately when it occurs.

9) after needle piercing operation, the inlet staff must timely report to the zinc pot operator.

(10) the zinc pot operator shall immediately put the needle piercing receiver into the working position.

(11) the chain length with iron balls from the top of the furnace into the zinc pot shall be sufficient.

(12) after the needle piercing is out of the oven, burns should be prevented.

(note: the whole process takes about 1.5 to 3 hours)