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What are the combustion conditions in the hot dip galvanizing production line?

- Dec 04, 2018 -

What are the combustion conditions in the hot dip galvanizing production line?

The so-called combustion, is the violent oxidation of substances, must have the following conditions:

(1) combustion materials;(2) combustion-supporting substances (oxygen) (3) full mixing of fuel and oxygen;(4) ignition temperature.

What are the combustion modes?

(1) ideal complete combustion, into =1, the exhaust gas is neutral.

(2) incomplete combustion, A <1.

(3) complete combustion in the case of excess air, A>, 1

(4) incomplete combustion occurs when the air is not fully mixed with fuel despite the excess air, A >, 1

Which combustion mode does each section of hot dip galvanized annealing furnace belong to?

(1) in the non-oxidation heating furnace, the gas is not completely burned under the condition of insufficient air, A<1, and the furnace presents A reducing atmosphere.

(2) in the radial tube of the reduction furnace, the gas will completely burn in the case of excess air, and A>, 1 will present an oxidizing atmosphere in the tube.How are radiant tubes and preheating furnaces monitored?

In order to master the internal combustion situation, a systematic exhaust gas analysis system must be established.The combustion can be judged from the content of CO2, 02, cO and other components in the exhaust gas.According to the measurement, when the air surplus coefficient is =1, the maximum cO2 content in the exhaust gas of each gas is:

Natural gas =13~14% coke oven gas =10~11%

Blast furnace gas =25~28%

Mixed gas =17~18%(calorific value: 1800 calories /NMP)