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How to adjust the welding machine before welding in hot galvanizing production?

- Nov 17, 2018 -

How to adjust the welding machine before welding in hot galvanizing production?

Adjustment method of welding machine is as follows:

(1) adjustment of welding speed: when welding, select the welding speed according to the welding machine parameter table. The welding wheel speed is adjusted through the rheostat on the operating table. When adjusting, pull the dial pointer to the indicated speed.

(2) pressure adjustment during welding: the pressure adjustment device installed on the moving frame can be adjusted to change the pressure of the welding wheel and pressure wheel.

(3) adjustment of welding current: the welding transformer is equipped with two conversion switches, one is in series, one is in parallel and the other is an adjustment conversion of eight gears. During welding, the current can be fine-tuned through the dial on the operating table.

(4) strip splicing adjustment: splicing adjustment includes "original splicing amount", "back drawing amount" and "compensation amount"."Original lap capacity" is performed by adjusting the hand wheel at the entrance side of the welding machine, and the lap capacity can be read directly from the scale.The "back pull" is adjusted with the nut on the inlet side of the welding machine. For each rotation of the nut, the lap is changed by 0.2mm, and the lap pull can be read directly from the nut dial.The "compensation amount" is adjusted by another nut. For each rotation of the nut, the lap amount is also changed by 0.2mm.

(5) adjustment of moving frame stroke: the travel of moving frame shall be selected according to the width of strip steel, and the adjustment shall be carried out according to the "strip width switch" on the operating table

(6)Adjust: welding wheel height under highly by the welding welding round round the crank to adjust below, three 0.4 mm thickness of welding, the welding wheel height best clamp under highly consistent and transferred to the thickness of welding thicker, the welding wheel height adjustable clamp surface under the below 0. 1 mm, adjust the use clamp clamping a piece of iron plate, then the framework will be moved out, the higher the welding wheel, until the welding wheel in contact with the iron.

(7)Wheel grinding device adjustment: by adjusting the pressure of compressed air to adjust the hammer force of pneumatic shovel, pressure is about 3 kg/cm, usually pneumatic shovel, hammer force such as to increase the air pressure can be improved, should stay between welding wheel surface and pneumatic shovel 0.8 ~ 1.2 mm clearance, and should be completely parallel alignment, reduced when the welding wheel diameter, the position of the pneumatic shovel must be reset to the above range, as long as a slight when grinding can increase the clearance.