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What do you notice about lap resistance welding?

- Nov 15, 2018 -

What do you notice about lap resistance welding?

Notes for lap resistance welding are as follows:

(1) materials with high resistivity and low thermal conductivity, such as stainless steel, high-alloy steel, and titanium alloy, shall use low welding current and long welding time.

(2) materials with medium resistivity and thermal conductivity, such as brass, shall use moderate welding current and welding time.

(3) materials with low resistivity and high thermal conductivity, such as aluminum alloy, should use large welding current and short welding time.(description: low carbon steel, low alloy, etc. belong to the second kind of materials mentioned above

(4) the thickness difference of the two strips welded together shall not be greater than 0.25mm; otherwise, the transition plate shall be welded.

(5) the width difference between two strips of steel welded in phase shall not be greater than 200mm.If the bandwidth of the front is narrow and the band of the back is narrow, the center of the two strips of steel should coincide, and the extra parts on both sides of the wide strip should be equal.If the front strip is narrow and the back strip is wide, not only the center line should be coincident, but also the two angles of the back strip should be cut off.

(6) the head and tail of the welding shall be flat and stay in the correct position in the welding machine scissors.

(7) the welding parameters should be selected strictly according to the thickness of the strip. When the thickness of the two strips are different, the welding parameters should be selected according to the thickness.

(8) the welding shear must form a looper, otherwise it will affect the precision of the lap joint.

(9) pay attention to the welding situation during welding. If it is found that the weld mark is not glowing, it can increase the current or reduce the welding speed.

(10) after welding is completed, it is necessary to wait for the weld to cool down before crawling out of the welding machine so as not to break the weld.

(11) in the welding process, attention should be paid to the material storage of the looper. If the welding is encountered difficulties or accidents, the zinc pot must be notified to reduce the speed or stop.