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The whole annealing furnace is a horizontal furnace.

- Oct 15, 2018 -

The whole annealing furnace is a horizontal furnace.

Includes the following components :·

Entrance door

Heating section of radiant tube

· insulation section

The period of the fast cooling.

Exit hot roll section

Entrance furnace door:

The strip enters the furnace horizontally through the inlet seal. The inlet seal is a box-type passageway lined with refractory fiber. The upper part is designed to open the cover, which does not affect the operation of the belt.Nitrogen sealed nozzle is set in the inlet sealing chamber, furnace pressure test point is set to maintain furnace pressure 2-7 mmH,O. In order to prevent the furnace gas overflow from polluting the working environment, exhaust hood is set at the entrance of the furnace to discharge the waste gas outside the plant through the fan.

Heating section of radiation tube (RTF):

The horizontal radiation tube heating section is divided into four independent temperature control zones, and 16,16, 14 and 10 w radiation tubes and matching burners are respectively arranged in each zone.

Radiant tube heating zone can strip heated to 720 ℃ at the maximum output C (DO), the period of the protection of the gas content is: 10% H, N + 90%, depending on the panel, can put the H, content increased to 25%.The top and walls of the furnace are lined with refractory fibers, the inner lining is protected by heat-resistant steel, and the bottom of the furnace is laid with light refractory bricks.

Temperature control:

The temperature of strip steel is measured by the outlet plate thermometer, and the furnace temperature in each area is controlled by the thermocouple, and two single thermocouples are arranged in each area.The control of furnace temperature adopts proportional control.


Each radiation tube burner is ignited by a separate ignition burner, which is ignited by the ignition electrode. The ionization ignition signal is monitored and the single electrode double loop will be used for ignition and flame sensor.