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Common faults and treatment of pickling machine(一)

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Common faults and treatment of pickling machine(一)

1. Inspect the equipment in the process section after taking over the work

    (1) whether the operation of P~P1 pump is stable (with or without vibration), whether the pressure is normal, whether there is abnormal noise and leakage, whether the temperature of bearing and motor enclosure is normal, whether the valve is opened and closed, and whether there is stuck or not;     (2)Bg, B10, B11 and whether the washing tower level is normal;

   (3) whether there is leakage at each heater;

   (4) whether the valve part and pipe connection part are leaking, and whether the pipe is deformed.

2. Matters needing attention for opening and closing of steam pipeline valve

    Open each heater drain valve before opening steam valve to clear the steam pipe (close after opening);The steam valve should be opened in a small amount for 10 minutes. After the pipe is unblocked, the steam valve should be gradually increased to heating steam pressure. It is strictly forbidden to open the steam valve to a large position at one time.

3. What are the main defects of the board?What are process problems?How to adjust?

    Surface quality defects mainly include  (1) owes to wash, wash (2), (3) the pan with water, (4) scratch, (5) the plate gray, yellow, parking spots (6) the process, including (1), (2), (3), (5) points process problems;The reason for underwashing is that the speed is too fast, the concentration is too low, and the temperature is not up to the process requirements. The process discipline should be strictly implemented, and the proper acid distribution should be carried out in combination with the yield.Board face gray matter much, yellow, and the main reason is the flushing water quality problem, should timely adjust flush water quality, at ordinary times must be strictly implemented wash water in water regulation, keep the condensed water supplement, appeared in the middle of the run can adopt open the Bs, B6 and B7 water valve water emergency measures, it is strictly prohibited from BR add water, avoid reduce the rinse water temperature: stop change water immediately after the volume production, to ensure the quality of the plate.

4. The phenomenon of uncoiling by uncoiling machine occurs in the running of the worn belt in the pickling production line

    The uncoiler uncoiling phenomenon should be checked timely: (1) whether the uncoiler tension is set properly, (2) whether the uncoiler brake is normal, (3) whether the compressed air pressure is normal, and (4) whether the inner diameter of the steel coil is uncoiled;When (2) and (3) occur, the relevant electrical and mechanical personnel should be notified to check in time. When (4) occur, the operator should stop immediately, adjust the base of the uncoiler and reverse point the uncoiler and adjust the tightness of the steel coil.