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Factors influencing strip pickling in pickling line

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Factors influencing strip pickling in pickling line

Factors influencing strip pickling in pickling line

Effect of concentration temperature of hydrochloric acid on pickling line

In hydrochloric acid solution, the speed of pickling increases with the increase of acid concentration and temperature, but because hydrochloric acid is volatile, the concentration and temperature of acid are limited.

FeCl in an acid solution,

The lowest acid-washing time was obtained when the FeCl content in the acid solution was the best.This optimal FeCl is about 4-8% lower than its saturation value in this state.When FeCl is close to saturation, the pickling time is the longest.

During the whole pickling period, although the content of hydrochloric acid was decreasing, FeCl2 increased correspondingly. The two factors offset each other in a certain pickling period, so the pickling speed during this period was only slightly changed.

The speed of pickling shall make the strip reach the predetermined time in the acid solution, and the excessive speed shall pass through the acid solution to produce underpickling.

Mechanical phosphorous break is sufficient to speed up pickling.