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Zinc liquid composition in zinc pot of hot dip galvanizing line and its effect on coating

- Sep 22, 2018 -

Zinc liquid composition in zinc pot of hot dip galvanizing line and its effect on coating


  The influence of zinc liquid composition on the coating mainly refers to the influence of the content of lead and iron, which directly affects the adhesion of the coating and the production of zinc residue, which needs to be precisely controlled.Hot pure zinc plating, add 0.005% to 0.020% of A1 in liquid zinc, can significantly improve galvanizing layer, light, reduce zinc liquid surface oxidation, and when zinc liquid adding more than 0.15% of the A1, inhibits the formation of Fe - zinc alloy phase and obtain appropriate, good adhesive coating thickness: 231, in strip continuous hot dip galvanized, zinc pot boc content usually controlled at 0.10% - 0.20%, can decrease the content of aluminium alloying hot dip galvanized products, in order to reduce the galvanized and alloying time, raise the speed, reduce the cost.However, the stable control of aluminum content in zinc pot is always a difficult problem in production On - line detection and control, zinc pot logistics balance to conduct in-depth research.

   Research on zinc pot equipment in hot dip galvanizing line

    The equipment of zinc pot in hot dip galvanizing line mainly includes sinking roller, stable roller and accessory equipment.The existing advanced hot-dip galvanizing production line is mostly made of molten groove ceramic zinc pot with 1 sunk roll and 2 stable rolls (or correction rolls) built in. In order to ensure the stable operation of the strip and improve the surface quality of the galvanized products, it is necessary to study the shape and spacing of zinc chute on the surface of sunken silver roller.In addition, the short service life of sunk roller and its bearing is always a problem in hot-dip galvanizing production.The technology of zinc-pan scraper has also been developed to deal with the defects of scrollers and stable rollers.In addition, the non - core zinc pot and pre - molten zinc pot has also developed a relatively strong.

    Unsunken roll zinc pot is also the focus of current research.According to the principle of magnetic fluid dynamic sealing (MHD) formed by electromagnetic moving field, vertical zinc pot is designed, which can make the steel band pass through the liquid zinc in the zinc pot directly, without causing wear. There are no corrosion parts in the zinc pot, and high-speed galvanizing can be realized to save energy.However, in order to realize commercial application, the problems of sealing flow stability and walking belt implicit should be studied.