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Hot dip galvanized zinc pot technology

- Sep 22, 2018 -

Hot dip galvanized zinc pot technology

Research on zinc residue in zinc pot of hot dip galvanizing line

Zinc slag is an intermetallic compound of iron, zinc and aluminum.The zinc slag in the zinc pot can be divided into surface liquid, bottom slag and suspended agent, which can be controlled by the content of aluminum and iron in the zinc pot, the temperature stability of the zinc pot, and the temperature field and concentration field of the zinc pot.And high surface quality of pure zinc and alloying hot dip galvanized products of new hot galvanizing unit usually adopts double zinc pot system, production of pure zinc and alloying hot dip galvanized products, respectively, in order to reduce a single zinc pot in the system for product when switching to produce a large number of zinc slag defects, improve the product surface quality, but also conducive to the stability control of zinc pot temperature and aluminum content, is weak in the generation of zinc slag control in China, dealing with the forming mechanism and its control of the zinc slag in-depth research.

Study on the flow field of hot dip galvanized zinc pot

The flow pattern of zinc liquid in zinc pot will directly affect the behavior of zinc slag and zinc ash embedded in the coating, thus affecting the surface quality of the final product.In general, solid or numerical simulation method is used to simulate the flow of zinc liquid in zinc pot.S.J.I ee use with feeling into heater, such as scraper and baffle plate 1:5 transparent water simulation flow field of zinc pot, feng fluid flow characteristics and sink roll is studied the influence of the flow field of 201, but water simulation simulator can only be observed in the inland waters flow of two-dimensional flow field, has its limits, and adopt the method of numerical simulation, any section can be obtained and the velocity field, help to understand the different regional zinc liquid flows [21.221, country should strengthen the study on flow field of the zinc pot, improve zinc pot heating mode and zinc ingot position.