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Safety procedure for spot check of hot galvanizing machine

- Sep 20, 2018 -

Safety procedure for spot check of hot galvanizing machine

(1) to enter the site, the labor insurance supplies must be well worn, and the work of mutual insurance and joint insurance shall be completed.

(2) to enter the work area, take the safe passage or the designated inspection route. It is strictly forbidden to walk or stay under the crane.

(3) when entering the work area and the equipment area below the ground for operation, the operator must get in touch with the staff and enter the work site with permission.

(4). When the thickness gauge at the exit and entrance is put into use, keep a safe distance of 2 meters away and you must wear it

Wear radiation dosimeters.

(5). Be familiar with the equipment characteristics of the position, and stand in a safe position to avoid rotating parts during equipment inspection, so as to avoid injuries caused by equipment operation.

(6) when entering the looper area, it is strictly forbidden to cross the safety railings for equipment inspection. If it is necessary to enter the looper, it must be contacted with the operator and can only enter after stopping the opening.

(7) it is strictly prohibited to cross between the saddle of various steel coil and keep a safe distance from the underground ditch of the steel coil car.

(8) pay attention to the damage of alkali and coating liquid to the body. If any liquid is spilled on the body, clean it with clean water in time.

(9) during welding, it is strictly prohibited to approach the welding machine to prevent it from moving and hurting people.

(10) when entering gas, nitrogen, steam and other medium gas areas for inspection, two or more people shall cooperate to carry alarm and prevent steam injuries.

(11), stand in a safe position when inspecting the chromium acid pipe road, so as to avoid acid spillage and injury.

(12) when the roller is checked, it should be protected to prevent injuries from falling.

(13) when entering the area of baling machine, please avoid the leading road of the baling belt, so as to prevent the baling belt from flying out and injuring people. Before checking, please contact the operator on duty for confirmation, and leave in time after checking.

(14) when entering the trench of stepping beams, pay attention to the movement of stepping beams and dragging chains, and be careful of injuries caused by equipment. It is strictly prohibited to cross stepping beams in operation to prevent injuries.

(15) during the spot inspection of the crane equipment, the operator must first operate the connection between the hoist and the operator before getting on and off the crane.

(16) daily spot inspection is strictly forbidden to enter the equipment area and place that endangers personal safety. When it is necessary to understand the situation, strict implementation of "equipment operation card, stop-transmission control regulations on license plate" shall be carried out, and the safety pin shall be used correctly