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Color coating line Electrical equipment technical specifications

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Color coating line Electrical equipment technical specifications

   Technical performance of whole-line control

   The whole production line is equipped with the general control system.

   The relatively independent equipment has an independent control system and a separate debugging function.

   The control system of each device is connected to the general control system by bus.

   The controller is controlled by PLC, and the controller and driver are connected by high speed fieldbus.

   Speed motor adopts photoelectric encoder.

   The roller coating machine is equipped with a roll diameter, which can adjust the speed given.

   Single equipment has emergency stop, manual/automatic, single machine/connection.

   The equipment has the function of over-intercept, fault detection, diagnosis and protection.The main control parts are imported quality products.

   The control system is characterized by high openness, interoperability, interchangeability, integrability, high reliability and maintainability, high system performance cost and low engineering and maintenance cost.

    Production line control system configurationIn order to make the control of production line coordinated and consistent, the whole control system adopts a PLC CPU control, which is equipped with remote 1/0 module through the field bus.

    The control cabinet of each module is placed next to the corresponding control equipment.When the control cabinet is equipped with corresponding artificial operation panel, the operation panel (touch screen) is through the bus LPLC communication, through which the corresponding module under each load can be running state control and operation parameters adjustment, can display the running state of load at the same time, due to the distance near the control device, can be very convenient to control and monitoring. 

   The specific control system structure is shown in the control system configuration diagram.

   The operation panel can receive operation commands and setting parameters of operators, transmit the commands to PLC CPU, and receive PLC signals to display current status of equipment and various system parameters.

   The remote 1/0 module is responsible for collecting production line detection signals and controlling production line execution components.In addition to the operation panel of the touch screen, manual operation panel is also provided for the necessary pipe such as uncoiling, winding, riveting and drying oven, which is convenient for workers to operate.A number of emergency stops are set up along the line according to the group, and prompt and alarm devices are set up appropriately, which is easy to deal with emergencies and ensure the safety of equipment and operators.The testing pipe and control device and the strict software function ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment. 

   The detection equipment can be divided into deviation correction, opto-electronic detection, position detection, distance detection, etc.

   The painting line is an automated project with advanced manufacturing process and level.B pre-processing part control.C chemical roller coating part control.D initial roller coating part control.E fine roller coating part control.F. Partial control of winding.