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Color coating line features

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Color coating line features

     (1) the belt roller and the coating roller of the roller applicator are designed to be driven separately with independent driving motor. The rotation direction of each roller can be changed, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily within its range, and it is easy to adjust and change the process parameters. The supporting roller, steering roller and top roller of roller coating machine are passive roller, which is driven by the movement of steel belt and turns with the steel belt. When the joint of the steel belt passes the coating roller, the coating roller automatically disconnects with the steel belt.

    (2) the surface coating roller adopts the advanced double-coated head coating machine, which is arranged under the two-coated head. The paint and coating roller can be replaced quickly to achieve rapid color change and reduce the floor area;

    (3) chemical treatment adopts roller coating machine, which is more conventional spray or immersion type, which not only greatly shortens the length of the unit, but also produces compact and uniform conversion film and good film forming quality. High utilization rate of chemical treatment liquid, no water washing after treatment, no waste water discharge, saving waste water treatment costs;

    (4) both the primer and finishing furnaces are equipped with incinerators, whose burner adopts proportional regulation. The waste gas in the drying furnace enters the incinerator for high-temperature cracking, and the exhaust gas after the pyrolysis is blown by the heating air and the water vapor drying furnace is used, which not only makes full use of the heat energy, but also prevents pollution.

    (5) the production line is equipped with two uncoiling machines, one for work and the other for material preparation, which can be operated in rotation with high efficiency;

    (6) after pre-degreasing, brushing and degreasing treatment, remove oil and dirt on the surface of the steel belt. After two times of washing and direct flush with pure water, clean the residual cleaning liquid on the surface of the steel belt thoroughly, which is conducive to subsequent chemical conversion treatment;

    (7) the laminating machine can add a layer of protective film on the steel strip to produce the laminating coil. If the laminated roller is replaced with embossed roller with patterns, the surface of the steel band with sol paint can be pressed out the pattern, producing the pattern color plate. If the roller raised, can produce common color coating;

    (8) the paint plate can be adjusted up and down to facilitate workers' operation; The coating roller is easy to disassemble, convenient for workers to clean and replace;

    (9) the drying furnace is equipped with suspension detection, which is introduced into the control system.The vertical degree of steel belt in the furnace is tested and controlled. The temperature in the drying furnace is controlled in many stages, and the burner is controlled in proportion.

    (10) the roller coating machine is equipped with pressure sensor, and the coating thickness is precisely adjustable: the topcoat is adjustable in the range of 8-25 um, and the back paint is adjustable in the range of 5-15um.

    (11) high degree of automation of the production line: the control system of the whole line is divided into three major parts: upper machine, transmission control subsystem and process control subsystem. The control system USES AB SLC500CPU, which is connected with ipc, PLC and touch screen through DH+ network. The production line is provided with two operation platforms (one touch screen on each operation platform), three manual operation boxes and three operation boxes, which are easy for workers to operate, and at the same time, a large amount of production information can be obtained at any time: