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Color coating equipment production line

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Color coating equipment production line


The development and present situation of color plate production line technology

As a deep-processing product of cold-rolled steel plate, the production technology of color coating plate is based on the manufacturing of metallurgical industry, chemical industry, science industry and machinery equipment. It is a collaborative application of the science and technology of the above three industries.

In the choice of transmission system, the speed control and drag system of color plate production line is similar to that of other similar application systems.Dc motor because itself structure on the mechanical commutator and brush makes its structure is complex, high cost, difficult maintenance and high capacity of high speed high voltage dc motor is difficult to make and in Yi Ran explosive easy corrosion is not applicable to harsh environments such as faults, and ac motor, especially in squirrel cage motor does not exist, the above shortcomings, especially with the power electronic technology, microelectronics technology, the development of large scale integrated circuit, power semiconductor manufacturing process improvement and control technology, especially the development of vector control technology, ac speed control driving system in recent years the required communication equipment in technical performance, fully meet the requirements on label and price, ac speed regulationThe speed control performance of the moving system can be fully matched with 

The speed control system is comparable, so it has become a trend to replace dc drive system with high performance ac drag system in color plate production line.Number of colorized painting production line at home and abroad in a rapid increase in nearly a decade, but continuous production line width, on the choice of drive system for almost all domestic for dc speed control driving system (mostly South Korea production line imported from Japan), only has a high sex, in recent years abroad to vector transformation frequency control of motor speed control of ac drive system.

In the system control mode, most of the color plate production line is based on the traditional PID control.PID controller (proportional-integral-differential) has been used as the earliest practical controller for more than 50 years. It is easy to understand, easy to set parameters, reliable to operate in linear non-time-varying systems, good anti-disturbance performance, and high steady state accuracy. Therefore, it has become the most widely used industrial controller.

The development of the drag control system of today's color plate production line reflects the development and development of the electric drive technology.