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The main causes and treatment methods of incomplete take-up

- Jul 10, 2018 -

The main causes and treatment methods of incomplete take-up

  There are several main reasons for unevenness of coiling: 

    1) unreasonable setting of tail tension;

    2) the steel coil of the head uncoiler is improperly positioned and deviates too far from the center;

    3) problems with the central system;

    4) the gap between the roller joints of the tension machine is improper, and the tension frame is loose.Inform the electrical and mechanical personnel to deal with the problems existing in the equipment timely, and set the head tension according to the technical operation In accordance with the regulations, the pressure amount of the tail tension machine should ensure that the shape of the plate is straight and tight. When feeding, the feeder should cooperate closely with the uncoiler: ensure that the steel coil is near the center.

    Determination and temporary treatment of acid in each tank.According to the data of assay, if appear adjacent two cans of concentration is close to, no "gradient, unreasonable, there is between the two cans of string acid phenomenon, can be set up to take in the correspondence between the two acid tank gear block block streaming temporary treatment means.

    The treatment of uneven and unable to cut the head after the head appears in the straightener.Take the lead in the rough should readjust after straightening machine, arrogant quantity straight machine or check the straightening roll gap, straightener roll gap if not should promptly notify the mechanical adjustment, cut to fit the lead shall timely notify the mechanical personnel adjust crop shear gap.

    Abnormal condition and treatment of each circulating pump.Abnormal conditions of each circulating pump include abnormal sound, high temperature, abnormal pressure and leakage.Should check whether there is any loose on the anchor bolts, took over whether normal, each connection valve opening and closing is normal, the tank liquid level is normal, the seal is normal, this unit can deal with the situation, shall promptly notify the mechanical, electrical personnel for processing.