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Process Flow Of Color Coating Production Line(二)

- Jun 27, 2018 -

Process Flow Of Color Coating Production Line(二)

   1The plate enters the cleaning section from the inlet sleeve through the # 2 tensioning machine. There are 5 spray grooves and 1 set in the cleaning sectionRoller flash, the first trough for degreasing tank, with hot alkaline cleaning fluid spray cleaning strip on both sides, in the middle, a roller brushing, top and bottom surface of the steel plate to scrub, wash will strip surface main clutter elimination; 

   The first,Two tanks are degreased tanks, and the two sides of the strip are sprayed with higher concentration of hot alkaline cleaning liquid to further remove the steel.Oil on the surface of the board; The third block is a washing tank. The strip is washed with hot water to ensure surface damage of degreasing agent.Leave the liquid to wash. Fourth trough and the hot water rinse tank, sweep choose residual alkali solution on strip, etc., and further eliminate clutter on the surface of the steel plate, finally a trough using pure water, wash the surface of steel plate, and table and various chemical solution, etc. 

    There is a horizontal jet pump in one to five tanks, each with a certain amount of water.Number of nozzles. At the outlet of each groove and at the entrance of the degreasing groove, a pair of extrusion rollers are installed to squeeze out the plate.The solution on the surface of the material prevents it from being brought into the next groove, causing main liquid.After the cleaning section of the plate through a section of hot air purge device, hot air jet to the strip at high speed.Blow off the residual moisture on the strip to dry it.After the plate is washed, it goes into the chemical coating roller coating machine, and the upper and lower surface of the steel plate are coated with the roller in the roller coating machineLayered chemical solution.

   Chemical roller coating machine to the surface of the steel plate on a positive roller coating chemical conversion film, every set of roller coating equipment,

   There are two rollers with material roll and roller coating roll, and there is an air cylinder driven clutch device.When the strip leaves the chemical roller coating machine, it is suspended freely through the chemical coating drying oven and the furnace is adjusted to the place.The heating process temperature. The furnace adopts the waste heat heating of the incinerator and the circulation mode of the hot air.

    Meanwhile, it is equipped with the air inlet and the exhaust fan and the temperature detection device, which can control the temperature in the furnace freely.After the strip leaves the furnace, it enters the no.3 tensioning machine, turns to the platform on the second floor, and sends it to the primary coating roller after the # 1 pair of middle kidney steering. Roll coater both the front and the same coating or different kinds of coating are available, and at the same time to strip, coated on both sides, coating by feeding roller, removed from a paint tray on the spin coating to the roller roller, paint roller coater and measuring the rollers), again by roll coating roller on the strip, roller roller can turn with the strip running in the opposite direction (reverse) or the same as the strip running direction of rotation (synthetic), both the front and two sets of coating head cylinder driving clutch are wisdom, in the joint by can open.