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types of hot-dip plate plating

- Jun 25, 2018 -

 types of hot-dip plate plating

   The world class of hot dip plating methods for steel plate, according to its history, are: hot dip tin, hot dip lead, hot dip galvanized, hot dip aluminum, hot dip aluminum zinc silicon alloy.Hot dip tin plating. Hot-plated tin plate, commonly known as "tinplate", is one of the oldest metal plating steel plate, in the 16th ~ 17th century, this product appeared. Tin plate is mainly used for canning to contain food and beverage, it is indoor antiseptic, and it is used once again. What is required is a thin and even coating. The hot tin plating layer is several times thicker than the plating tin, and the thickness is not uniform enough. Tin is a valuable metalAll the plates have been replaced by electroplated tin plates.Hot dip lead plating. Hot-plated lead plate is a lead-tin alloy plating steel plate containing 90%~75% lead and 10%~25% tin. It also has a long history and was produced in Britain in 1720. As lead is a toxic element, the application field of hot lead plating plate has been greatly reduced in modern environmental protection, and its production is shrinking.Hot dip galvanizing. Hot galvanized sheet was first put into industrial production by France in 1836, so far more than 170 years of history, history. In the history of hot dip galvanization of steel plate, hot dip galvanization has got the biggest development. Hot galvanized sheet has been developed to include a variety of common hot galvanized sheet and heat.

  The total production of zinc-base alloy plating products currently accounts for about 90% of the total production of all hot-plating products and will continue to maintain its dominant position for a considerable period of time.Hot dip aluminum plating. Hot - plated aluminum plate was founded in 1893 and was first produced in 1939 in the United States. In the past seven or ten years, hot - plated aluminum plates have developed to a certain extent, but the development speed and scale are not ideal.

    Hot dip aluminum zinc silicon alloy. Hot - plated aluminum - zinc silicon plate was first put into production in the United States in 1972. For more than 30 years, hot aluminum zinc platingSo far the world's cumulative output has reached nearly 60 million tons.Tin plating, hot, hot dip galvanized, hot dip aluminum plated lead to the invention of the order, not accidental, but by the tin, lead, zinc, aluminum the four kinds of metal melting point (232 ℃, 327 ℃, 419 ℃, 658 ℃), a higher than a decision. Because of low melting point metal smelting and difficulty of the use of liquid metal is low, high melting point metal smelting and the use of liquid metal is difficulty, high, with the development of industrial progress, people gradually invented one at a higher melting point metal used in hot dip plating technology. As for hot-plated aluminum zinc silicon, because it is a combination of hot-dip galvanization and hot-dip aluminum, it was born later than hot-dip galvanization and hot-dip aluminum plating.