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Optimization of plating aid process

- Jun 22, 2018 -

Optimization of plating aid process

 effective composition and optimum workpiece conditions of plating AIDS!

  The purpose of the steel component to dip the adhesive coating agent before hot dip galvanizing is to ensure the steel parts in hot dipWhen galvanized, the iron matrix on its surface reacts with the zinc solution in a short time to form a 1A layer of iron - zinc alloy. Its action mechanism is:

  (a) clean the surface of the steel to remove some iron salts and oxidation from the surface of the steel parts after picklingThings and other dirty things.

  (b) purification of liquid zinc at the point where the steel parts are immersed in zinc solution, so that the steel parts and liquid zinc can be quickly soaked and mergedReaction.

  (c) a layer of salt film deposited on the surface of the steel piece, which can isolate the surface of the steel piece from the air and prevent it from being deposited.Further oxidation.

  (d) when the solvent is heated and decomposed (refer to dry method), the surface of the steel piece has the activity and wetting ability (i.e. reducing the surface tension), so that the zinc solution can be well attached to the steel piece matrix and proceed smoothlyAlloying.

  (e) when the steel coated with solvent encounters zinc solution, the air waves generated by solvent vaporization will riseThe effect of removing zinc oxide, aluminum hydroxide and carbon black particles from zinc solution was studied. Commonly chosenThe plating aid is zncl.2nhci. When the workpiece is immersed in zinc solution, the plating aid salt is first heated