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Hot dip galvanized annealing process

- Jun 15, 2018 -

 annealing process


   Continuous online annealing is adopted for continuous hot galvanizing of strip steel. Annealing technology is the key to the production of high-strength hot galvanizing products of double-phase steel and other high-strength steel products.The process of annealing of galvanized steel usually includes preheating, heating, heat equalizing and cooling. Preheating strip steel with heating exhaust can not only save fuel, but also avoid the deformation of strip steel caused by strip steel heating too fast, which is very beneficial to the shape of sheet products with thin specifications. Some units of cooling process using cold catch cold, quick way of segmented cooling, can avoid flatness bad cooling speed too fast, and can meet the requirements of high strength steel cooling speed of dual phase steel and so on, have the manufacturer after cooling section is also equipped with a balanced section [8, aimed at galvanized and provide a buffer zone between cooling section, so that the flatness of strip has a better and more uniform temperature in galvanized zinc pot, improve the quality of the galvanized.In addition, the annealing furnace furnace series 9 type design, furnace annealing atmosphere and dew point control, tension control in furnace and annealing furnace furnace report south spraying is a focus in the study of hot galvanizing annealing process, the thin strip flatness and the identity of the plate stability also need further research.