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Main working steps of mechanical zinc plating,

- Jun 15, 2018 -

 Main working steps of mechanical zinc plating,

  1. Main process of mechanical galvanizing1.

  2. main process flow of mechanical galvanized ironParts before processing, oil removal, rust removal (can offline processing) - water - flash replacement copper plating - water - > mechanical galvanizing sedimentary transition underlying a mechanical galvanizing monohydrate polishing parts poured out separation - hot water washing (or required parts surface chromium passivation, relevant protective layer) - dry and drying the acceptance test..

  3.  pre-treatment, oil removal and rust removal of partsOf common parts, according to surface treatment of the conventional method, but the high strength steel substrate for parts of rust removal, in addition to scale, especially pay attention to, because we can not longer using strongly acidic chemical materials containing hydrogen ions on parts surface rust removal and deoxidization, this kind of treatment will have a certain influence on permeability of hydrogen on steel base parts, so the mechanical method should be adopted to solve: such as sand blasting, vibration finishing and shot blasting process, etc.