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Hot dip galvanizing term

- Jun 09, 2018 -

 hot galvanizing!The zinc - ferroalloy or zinc - and zinc-ferroalloy coatings formed on the surface of a steel piece or casting immersed in molten zinc solution!Process and method.3.2 hot galvanizing layer (hereinafter referred to as: plating layer)Zinc-ferroalloy or zinc-ferroalloy coatings obtained by hot-dip galvanization.3.3 main surfaces,Refers to the parts on the front of the mirror zinc and hot mirror zinc after some surface. The coating on the surface of the watch plays a major role in the appearance and/or performance of the parts.3.4 inspection batch (hereinafter referred to as batch)For the implementation of sampling inspection of hot galvanized parts.In the inspection of hot zinc plant, it refers to the same type and size of hot galvanized parts produced in the same plating bath in a production class.When inspected by the buyer after delivery, it refers to one order or one delivery.3.5 samplesA random selection of plating parts or plating parts from a batch.3.6 basic measuring surface,The area on which a specified number of measurements are made on the main surface.3.7 local thicknessThe arithmetical mean value of a specified number of thickness measurements within a basic measuring surface.3.8 average thickness,The arithmetical mean value of the partial thickness of a component on a large component or of the same origin.