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What kind of hot galvanized sheet are there?What are their USES?

- Jun 02, 2018 -

What kind of hot galvanized sheet are there?What are their USES?

Zinc - aluminum plating plate

(6) zinc-magnesium plating plate

Armco company developed the product by the United States, and can be produced by general galvanizing unit, its Mg0.01 ~ 0.1% zinc liquid ingredients, the rest for zinc, magnesium coating content, effectively improved the corrosion resistance of the coating, its corrosion resistance is 1.3 times that of galvanized sheet, coating by alloying processing, can obviously improve the coating performance, the price of this steel plate and other performance and galvanized sheet.The product is suitable for use in industrial and Marine environments.

(7) galvanized sheet containing silicon steel

Galvanized steel sheet containing silicon was patented in Japan in 1997.Patent is pointed out that the silicon composed of silicon containing 0.25% or less steel should be used in 470 ~ 500 ℃, inclusive of our 0.23% aluminum liquid zinc galvanized, can effectively improve the galvanized layer of adhesion performance.

Containing silicon steel galvanized sheet, is in order to improve the strength of galvanized sheet, in order to meet the vehicle body structure, road facilities, crane beam and other requirements and appear, on the other hand, foreign also USES all kinds of galvanized composed of steel plate and high strength low alloy steel.

(8) hot-dip galvanized coating plate

The production process of this kind of steel plate is basically different from that of ordinary galvanized sheet, except that when reproducing this kind of plate, it is not passivated or coated with oil, which is convenient for phosphating treatment in coating unit.The method of plastic coating is liquid plastic and film composite.