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What are the types of hot galvanized sheets?What are their USES?

- Jun 02, 2018 -

What are the types of hot galvanized sheets?What are their USES?

Zinc - aluminum plating plate

"Leah constant steel companies in the United States developed aluminium zinc plate, device and method is completely the same as the current hot galvanizing unit, on craft only changed the zinc liquid ingredients, content in zinc liquid AL 55%, containing zinc was 43%, including 1.8% Si.This species corrosion resistance is superior to the ordinary galvanized sheet, 5 to 10 times that of galvanized sheet even plating aluminum sheet 1 to 2 times, at the same time, the high temperature corrosion resistance is better than galvanized sheet of this product, therefore are often used to heat and resistant to high temperature corrosion of the field (such as car engine chimneys, etc.).

(5) zinc - aluminum rare earth plate

The product is developed a new type of 1980, can fully use the existing galvanized the unit production of the product, the difference is that changing the zinc liquid operating temperature (420 ℃) and zinc liquid ingredients: 5% AL Re + + 0.05% zinc, this approach requires zinc ingot of high purity (no less than 99.99%), especially Pb. Sn content is lower than 0.005%.

The corrosion resistance of this product is 1-2 times that of galvanized sheet, so it is often used for occasions with strong corrosion resistance (such as corrosive containers, etc.).