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Reasons and solutions to common problems of coating (1)

- May 26, 2018 -

Reasons and solutions to common problems of coating (1)

I. needle hole:

1. Problem phenomenon: a kind of pitch-tip fine hole phenomenon that appears on the surface of the paint film.This needle-like hole is like a pinprick hole, about 100 microns in diameter.

2. Reasons for the problem:

(1) the surface of the plate is not well handled, and it is difficult to fill with wood wool and wood spines.

(2) if the bottom layer is not fully dry, the construction shall be carried out for the second time.

(3) the finished paint has not been stationary for a period of time. The paint has high viscosity and the bubbles have not been eliminated.

(4) one-time construction is too thick.

(5) wrong combination of curing agent and diluent;

(6) excessive addition of curing agent.

(7) high ambient temperature and humidity;

(8) high moisture content of wood.

3. Solutions:

(1) the blank shall be polished and smooth, and then sealed with bottom debao;

(2) during multiple construction, the repainting time shall be sufficiently spaced, and the second construction shall be carried out after the lower layer is fully dry;

(3) the finished paint should be left standing for a period of time until the bubbles are completely eliminated before construction;

(4) the viscosity of paint should be suitable, not too thick;

(5) the one-time construction shall not be too thick, and the "thin brush shall be painted multiple times". Generally, the thickness of a single layer shall not exceed 20 centimeters.

(6) using the specified curing agent and diluent, the construction shall be carried out according to the specified proportion.

(7) do not build when the temperature and humidity are high.

(8) the wood shall be dried to a certain moisture content before construction, generally 10-12%.