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Optimized process of hot dip galvanizing and acid washing and washing.

- May 21, 2018 -

The optimization process of hot dip galvanization is the value to make the process more reasonable and more scientific.The aim is to improve the surface of steel components, reduce the amount of iron and other impurities that affect zinc consumption and control the occurrence of substandard products, and reduce the cost of zinc plating.In the case of batch hot dip galvanization, the following aspects are optimized.

Water washing, acid washing process optimization.

The acid cleaning process is mainly to remove the rust of the steel member surface, and the molten zinc can be used to generate the zinc coating with the steel substrate.If pickling also not clean surface rusty spot has not been removed, residual artifacts when you enter a melted liquid zinc rusty spot obstacles to react with zinc to produce zinc alloy steel substrate surface layer, resulting in a plating leakage point (block), leading to rework plating, single acid solution in the new acid or long soaking time can result in component surface corrosion and hydrogen evolution occurred, when a pickling sludge produced strong adhesion, it is difficult to rinse in just surface, cannot be plated on solvent, hydrogen evolution phenomenon in the storage of hydrogen in steel substrates in zinc liquid heat release destroyed resistant coating crystallization, leading to finish of workpiece rework plating even scrapped.The washing process is mainly to wash the iron salt and impurities on the surface of the workpiece, and reduce the generation of zinc ash and zinc slag.