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List of brands and USES of colour painted products:

- Apr 12, 2018 -

List of brands and USES of color painted products:

Standard, plate number and use color plate number of substrate type substrate.

Standard brand use cold rolled plate.

Q/BQB 402 SPCC is usually TSPCC.

SPCD stamping with TSPCD.

Q/BQB 403 St12 general TSt12.

St13 stamping with TSECC.

Electric galvanized sheet

Q/BQB 430 SECC general TSECC.

General household appliances with TSECCB.

Q/BQB 431 BLCE+Z general TBLCE.

BLDE+Z stamping TBLDE.

Hot galvanized sheet

Q/BQB 420 St01Z is generally Tst01.

Level.At the same time, various colors, surface structures and coatings make it extremely flexible and optional.

Today, architects and construction workers can choose the right building products from a large number of painted panels: walls, roofs of homes, reclining roofs, gutters, downpipes, and garage doors.They know that these products can meet different environmental conditions.From the hot summer heat to the ice and snow, you can see the color painting products.

Multi - dimensional to provide you with different thickness, specification, coating products, completely meet your product requirements.

For example, polyester coating is suitable for high anti-fading and anti-powder requirements;Thick coated products, such as plastic sol, can be used in harsh climates;Fluorocarbon coating, suitable for the color durability and gloss retention of high requirements.

You also want to choose the coating product with flexibility and bending resistance, or the coating with good durability, it has the resistance of wear resistance.Regardless of the use, multi-dimensional can provide you with appropriate coating color coating products.

We can also carry out personalized design and production according to your needs, so that our products can fully meet your needs.