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Hydraulic equipment precautions

- Mar 26, 2018 -

1. Before using any hydraulic equipment, please read the operating instructions carefully and confirm that you fully understand the contents of the manual.

2. Remember not to exceed the rated working capacity of the equipment during operation. It is recommended to use about 80% of the rated load pressure and impact capacity.

3. In all lifting operations, the load must have a solid support on the entire foundation. Use a uniform load backplane if necessary.

4. Carefully inspect all parts of the system before each use. Do not use damaged or over-weary parts.

5. Make sure that the working capacity/pressure rating of each component in the hydraulic system you are using matches. The entire hydraulic system is only suitable for use within the capability of the lowest rated capacity component in the system.

6, before the formal work, we must first try to do a few uninstall operations, I feel that the system control and other aspects are normal.

7. Never use high-pressure hoses to lift or pull equipment when moving hydraulic equipment. This will damage the hoses and fittings and prevent the equipment from working properly.

8. Always keep hydraulic equipment clean and free of moisture, dust, and other contaminants, all of which can increase equipment damage.

9. Do not kink or forcibly bend the hydraulic hose. Do not use hoses to pull or hang heavy objects. If it is not confirmed that the hose is intact, perform pressure testing on the hose before operation.

10. Please use standard anti-wear hydraulic oil. If other incorrect oil is used, the provided quality guarantee will be invalid.

11. Do not leave the unit near an open source of fire or a heat source whose temperature exceeds 65°C (150°F).

12, try to avoid load concentration. Make sure that the lifting device is completely underneath the weight and moves the weight horizontally upwards. Use tilted saddles to balance items with uneven weight distribution.

13. Do not place any part of your body underneath the weight, or block it from its path of travel. Before touching the weight, support the weight with a mechanical support.

14. Never disconnect or reconnect any hydraulic hoses or other devices in the hydraulic equipment under pressure.

15, often use a pressure gauge to detect the pressure of the system.

16. If it is found that there is a trace of hydraulic oil leakage, immediately stop working to inspect it and continue the work until the problem is found and resolved.

17. Before disconnecting the hydraulic pipe, make sure that the piston of the cylinder has been fully retracted. This ensures that all hydraulic oil is returned to the hydraulic pump tank.

18. Do not place heavy objects with the hydraulic cylinder raised. Be sure to raise the piston under load.

19, please go to repair and maintenance, so as to ensure the use of original parts.

20. The most important point of safe operation is: If you have any questions, please consult your professional and technical personnel promptly.