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hot-coated aluminum zinc silicon steel strip are as follows:

- Sep 03, 2018 -

hot-coated aluminum zinc silicon steel strip are as follows:

(1) coating adhesion shall meet the requirements of technical standards:

(2) coating weight should be as low as possible to effectively reduce production cost;

(3) eliminate or basically eliminate the thick edge of the plating layer, so that the color coating plate produced based on this substrate can achieve the same edge coiling and meet customer demand;

The surface of the surface of the surface to avoid "gold, flow patterns" to guarantee the surface quality of the painted plate.The current production process of hot aluminum zinc silicon steel strip is as follows.

1. Pre-annealing treatment.Hot aluminum, zinc and silicon plating has strict requirements on the cleanliness of the board before entering the plating pot. The chemical degreasing treatment and electrolytic degreasing treatment should be strengthened before annealing.The maximum value of designed electrolytic current is 12,000a, and the actual value of electrolytic current is close to the upper limit, which is 10,000-11,000a.In the lye scrubbing and hot water scrubbing process, the drama roller should keep working normally.

2. After electrolytic degreasing and water washing: the dry roller should operate normally, and the extrusion pressure should be appropriately large: the compressed air should be blown, and the hot air should be fully opened.Thus, make sure that the steel strip is completely dry before entering the furnace, without bringing water into the annealing furnace.

3. Annealing temperature refers to the temperature at the end of the strip passing through the heating section and the furnace temperature at the heating equalization section: refer to the data of the strip annealing with the same thickness and width of the hot-dip galvanizing unit.

4, steel strip after cooling period at the end of the temperature: 610 ℃.

Section 5, balance of furnace temperature: 610 ℃.

Room temperature: 6, hot roll according to 610 ℃.

7, steel strip after hot roller room temperature: 610 ℃.

8, trunk tank temperature: 610 ℃.The temperature of steel into the plating pot should be equal to the plating bath temperature as much as possible.The most suitable temperature of steel is equal to that of plating solution.

This is because, in order to prevent welding groove of plating solution set, the sensor can't electricity, in the steady production, ideally the heat generated by the sensors at a relatively low power operation just compensate the whole pot heat into the surrounding environment, plating steel strip temperature is the same as the temperature of the plating solution, steel belt, both not nor to plating solution from the solution absorption of heat, in this way, both coating and the steel base to ensure that form a good metallurgical bonding, and energy saving.If the strip temperature is lower than the plating temperature, the sensor will consume more electricity if the coating is used to raise the strip temperature.If the temperature of the steel strip is higher than the temperature of the plating solution, a continuous flow of heat into the plating pot, it is possible to overheat the plating pot.