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Conversion of zinc solution in hot dip aluminum zinc plating(2)

- Aug 10, 2018 -

Conversion of zinc solution in hot dip aluminum zinc plating(2)

When the zinc liquid level is lower than the heat source at the furnace throat, the remaining zinc liquid should be quickly drained and the remaining zinc liquid depth should not be greater than 40mm.

Place the alloy ingots with hemp rope into the pot and drain neatly.  Fill  the gap with small ingots,  lower the ingots slowly to avoid breaking the inner lining of the zinc pot.

cover with a  zinc pot to heat the top cover and send electricity to heat.

After  a few days, all the ingots in the pot will melt, if the liquid level has exceeded the throat of the furnace, it can be put into high power heating until the standard level.

sample and test the alloy composition in zinc pot, use aluminum silicon ingot , pure zinc and pure aluminum ingot to adjust the chemical composition to meet the requirements : A1 55%土1.5%,Zn43.5%土1.5%,Si1.5%土0.1%,Fe is less than 0.45%

The zinc pot can be put into production after the test.

Aluminum zinc silicon is converted to hot zinc

Preparatory work
preparations include:

Two zinc pumping pumps(can be replaced by zinc pump when no GL high-temperature pump)
     Two sets of pipe matching with pump, on-site production
50 ingot molds, welded with a thickness of 5mm steel plate, big on the rectangle and small on the bottom, capacity of 800kg.
     Pull the water hose to the zinc pot
     Two shovels with a handle length of 4m are used to remove residue from the pot wall
     Six spoons with a length of 6 meters are used for manual dredging

No.1 pure zinc ingots 200t,25 kg per piece, 1t per bale.

  Length 300m diameter 20mm high quality hemp rope

A 3-ton forklift truck stands by the zinc pot

Converse routine

Conversion procedures include the following

When hydrogen content is low to 4% and oxygen content is lower than 0.6% after stopping the furnace, remove the lower nose section of the furnace.
     First of all, the ingot mould is used to take the zinc liquid directly from the zinc pot. It is feasible for a number of units to use this method, and keep the zinc liquid level down to the molten groove until the sensor can continue to heat the zinc liquid. The purpose is to maintain the strength of the zinc pump.
     Use the grab bucket to dredge up the bottom dregs in the large and small POTS.
After that, the manual continue to dredge dregs, to dredge the bottom dregs without leaving.

The residual liquid zinc in zinc pot heated to 620-650 ℃.
    Put two zinc pumps into two POTS and begin to pump the zinc rapidly until the liquid is finished. This stage is the point of conversion success, as follows

 the two pumps can pump zinc at the same time. The turnover of 50 ingot molds must be carried out in an orderly way, and the phenomenon of waiting for ingot molds cannot occur
    If you slow down the rate of zinc extraction, as there is no heating source, the liquid will solidify quickly,