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Conversion of zinc solution in hot dip aluminum zinc plating(1)

- Aug 10, 2018 -

  • Conversion of zinc solution in hot dip aluminum zinc plating

Hot zinc is converted to aluminum zinc silicon

The unit must be designed according to the process of aluminum zinc silicon,  when galvanizing is put into production,  can it be converted into aluminum zinc silicon by this method.

Preparatory work

Preparations include the following:

Learn to analyze the chemical composition of zinc pot:

Determination of aluminum content by volumetric method, composition: 55%土1.5%

Determination of zinc content by volumetric method, composition: 43.5%土1.5%

Determination of silicon content by colorimetric method, composition: 1.5%土0.1%

The total test results of the three compositions  shall be 100%.

There is no bottom residue in the zinc pot before conversion.  If the bottom residue has been produced in the zinc pot, the conversion time must be delayed ,increase the aluminum content of the zinc pot  to 0.18%-0.20%, make the bottom residue into surface residue..

FeZn7 can be completely converted to surface residue Fe2Al5, and the conversion condition cannot be met until the bottom residue has been reacted.

Repair zinc pot starting melting resistance heating cover.

Prepare zinc extraction tools:

Two centrifugal zinc-pumping pumps with a lift of  3 meters require the zinc inlet to be 12 mm from the bottom, and the remaining zinc-liquid height is less than 40 mm.

Prepare 50 zinc molds with  a tolerance of 1 to or so, steel thickness of 3.5-5mm, big rectangle at the top should be good for stripping.

To facilitate the manual control of a set of zinc guide trough, on-site production.

A forklift truck transporting zinc ingot mould

Prepare various alloys

Large alloy ingots: weight:800kg/piece, the quantity is 150 t, composition is Al 55%土1.5%,Zn 43.5%土1.5%,Si 1.5%土0.1%;

Small alloy ingots: weight is 8kg/piece, the quantity is 30 t, composition is the same as big alloy ingots.

Mix with ingot

Aluminum silicon alloy ingots: weight is 8 kg/piece, quantity is 10 t, composition is 3% containing silicon, the rest is aluminum.

Pure zinc ingots: weight is 25kg/piece, quantity is 5 t , composition is zinc no.0 or zinc no.1.

Pure aluminum ingots: weight is 10 kg/piece, quantity is 3 t, composition is double zero aluminum.

Converse routine

Conversion procedures include the following:

Downtime, continuous annealing furnace of 7000C heat preservation

Zinc pot to heat up, zinc in zinc liquid temperature control at  480℃

When the zinc extraction is lower than the furnace throat, the sensor operates at the lowest power manually, so that the zinc ring keeps low speed and does not solidify.