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Common faults and treatment of pickling machine(二)

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Common faults and treatment of pickling machine(二)

5. Perforated steel problem

To ensure he wears well: (1) should ensure the quality of lead, highly suitable for: (2) with straightening machine, cause no wave shape up: (3) setting up reasonable tension, under the condition of the raw material plate shape difference, can be appropriately increase tension: (4) squeeze roller lift the appropriate scale, when he wears pile steel back processing, must open B, add water flushing in valve, in order to protect the head.

6. How to correct deviation after deviation of cutting edge?

The shearing edge should be adjusted according to the position of the strip at the 4" side guide. When adjusting the 4 side guide, the force should be appropriate and slow, and the force should not be opened or closed vigorously.

7. What are the main shear quality problems?How?How to adjust?

The problems of cutting edge quality mainly include notch, burr, bright spot, snail edge, bulge, etc.There are two reasons for the gap :(1) there is a big gap or convex point in the blade of the disc cutter. At this time, the blade should be replaced or polished in time.(2) if the gap adjustment is not appropriate, it shall be adjusted again according to the operating procedures. When in doubt, it shall be cut.When burrs occur, the horizontal clearance is too small, and the horizontal clearance should be increased appropriately within the floating range.The spiral edge phenomenon is mainly caused by large horizontal and vertical gaps, which should be adjusted and corrected in time.

8. Matters needing attention for the succession of disc scissors

When producing the edge cutting material, the shift staff should know about the working status of the disc cutter and the quality of the last coil, clearance adjustment, blade status and the working status of the waste edge coiler. After the shift, the above situation should be checked and the remaining problems should be handled in a timely manner.

9. Why should I do a good job in equipment maintenance?What should we do well?

The stand or fall of equipment is the basis of normal production run smoothly, therefore is quite important to do a good job of maintenance equipment, for our operators to do work are: 1) in accordance with the procedures for equipment use: 2) on time to tour the tally of equipment, found abnormal problems timely notify the relevant personnel for processing: 3) usually pay attention to the cleaning, anticorrosive equipment, work.