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color coating line Basic process of color coating

- Aug 22, 2018 -

color coating line

   Basic process of color coating,

   The main equipment is composed of: manual feeding 1, 11 entry saddle uncoiling unit 1, II entry saddle uncoiling unit 1, II entry saddle uncoiling unit 1, II two-roll clamping machine 11- two - roll clipping machine 11- seaming machine, flattening machine - tensioning machine 1- entry looping machine 11- pre - degreasing roll brushing machine 11- degreasing + water washing machine 11- washing

Pure water to wash the air purge, 1 - chemical coater, coating drying furnace tensioning machine to machine et constitutive 1 - II coater - in the early primary coat curing furnace air purge device at the beginning of the 11 - TuJiang institutions I1 in cold chamber - to - air purging with kidney - steering of institutions in 11-11 essence and coater coating curing furnace, air, and put all V - fine     TuJiang cold chamber air purging device in the institutions I - I - V - tensioning machine export live tensioning machine V - protective film laminating machine shears two pinch machine II servo winding unit, and exports of artificial feeding.

    Main equipment also includes electric control system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system.

    Auxiliary equipment: steel trolley moving.

    Process description

    The workers place the coil on the saddle of the feeding wagon, and lift it up and transport the coil to the center line of the operating line and uncoiler drum.The uncoiler sheet is opened by hydraulic pressure to make it tighten up with the inner diameter of the coil. Then the feeding cart will descend and return to the storage position, ready to operate the next coil.The uncoiler is close to the coil, and there is an adjustable buffer roll on the outer diameter of the material. When the strap is cut off, the buffer roll is used to prevent the tape from being suddenly released. The buffer roller can also help to feed the coil head into the front clamping machine.

    Shears are used to remove useless leads.

    Prepared strip are led into the support location before stitching machine, until another strip out all of the uncoiling machine, its tail to stitching machine, stitching machine by manual operation will be two roll strip stitched together in 1, stitching machine stitching on strip at the same time punching a hole detection technology, is used to test strip suture position control system, and can automatically roll coating roll and other important roll up, avoid suture head injury to it.

     The stitching machine is followed by a flattener, which is used to flatten the stitching.

1# purpura machine pulls strip from the entry end of the operating line into the entry loop 1.

The inlet looper is normally full, and when the inlet is stitched to stop, it still supplies the strip to the cleaning roller coating process section that continues to operate.The inlet looper can supply 2 minutes of strip when the operating line runs at full speed.Upon restarting after completion of each coil stitching cycle, the entire inlet segment will overspeed, filling the strip from the inlet loop, and then the inlet segment will automatically slow down to the same speed as the cleaning silver coating process segment.Repeat until the tape is finished.

    The entrance section is provided with a main operation console, which is provided with all the main control equipment of the entrance section, and with a touch mode screen.

    The plate enters the cleaning section through the 2# tensioning machine at the inlet, and the cleaning section has 5 spray channels and 1 roller brush. The first tank is the pre-degreasing groove, and the strip is sprayed with hot alkaline cleaning liquid on both sides.The second tank is a degrease tank, and the strip is sprayed on both sides with a higher concentration of hot and alkaline cleaning liquid. Further remove the oil on the surface of the steel plate: the third tank is a wash tank, and the strip is washed with hot water to ensure that the residual liquid on the surface such as degreasing agent is cleaned.The fourth tank is also for hot water flushing trough, washing out the alkali solution remaining on the strip and so on, and further remove the sundries on the surface of the steel plate.There is a horizontal jet pump in one to five slots, each with a certain number of nozzles.The outlet of each groove and the entrance of the degreasing groove are equipped with a pair of dry rollers, which are used to squeeze out the solution on the board and the surface of the material to prevent it from entering into the next tank, causing channeling, and the dry roller is adjusted by the cylinder.

   After cleaning section, the plate is swept and boned through a section of hot air. Hot air is sprayed on the strip at high speed, and the water remaining on the strip is blown off to dry the strip.

After cleaning, the plate goes into the roller coating machine, and coating the chemical solution on the upper and lower surface of the steel plate in the roller coating machine.